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Business Vision of The Resolution Centre

The Resolution Centre offers organisations complaint management and conflict resolution services.  These services include capturing complaints from customers and personnel, investigation of complaints, facilitated negotiations and mediation of complaints and conflict.

Organisations can engage The Resolution Centre as a third and neutral party to complaint and conflict management in order to ethically and promptly resolve complaints, preserve reputations, avoid litigation and return to productivity within the workplace.

The Resolution Centre can be appointed as an organisations “dispute resolution advisory service”, can act in one off cases of conflict eg: workplace politics, and/or be engaged for ongoing and large volume complaints and conflict management eg: mediation on behalf of membership and insurance organisations.

Our offices are located throughout Australia and provide a neutral location for conflict resolution.  Our personnel are trained in either psychology, law or business and are accredited mediators and dispute resolution professionals.

Our Business Mission

To offer our professional clientele an opportunity to reach agreement by means of:

  • The creation of a harmonious and equitable atmosphere for resolution
  • Determining and promoting understanding of interests, needs and motivations
  • Logically enhancing the key elements of all parties perspectives

Ultimately, offering our clientele the ability to:

  • Resolve differences and reach a satisfactory agreement for all parties
  • Enter or return to a viable business relationship
  • Return promptly to their core business responsibilities
  • Where possible, avoid costly litigation and ongoing disputes
Our Values
  • Our highest priority is our customer and the maintenance of their companies culture
  • We have trust and have positive belief in all of our clientele, remaining neutral in our mediation dealings and adopting an integrative approach to negotiating
  • We act ethically and morally at all times and promote such behaviour amongst our clientele
  • We promote prevention strategies based on theoretical models and expert practitioner experience in order for our customers to avoid conflict
  • We are accountable for our professionalism and execution of rational resolution strategies
  • We celebrate resolution and the ongoing relationships of our clientele.

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